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Special Gift Program

Special Gift Program

A program which allows you to make an immediate gift to the HHHS Foundation other than a gift of cash.

Special gifts can be a bequest in your will, a gift of a life insurance policy or a gift of a publicly traded security or share.  

Special gifts to the HHHS Foundation can be designed to realize your objectives and maximize tax benefits for you.

There are significant tax benefits which will vary depending on the type of gift you choose.  Special gifts enable you to make a gift to HHHS Foundation that otherwise would not be possible.


Special Gift Program

You Can Help Your Family, Friends and Loved Ones One of the ways that you can help the HHHS Foundation benefit your family, friends and loved ones is by making a bequest in your will.

The HHHS Foundation is fortunate to have benefitted from many bequests.  The bequests were instrumental in funding the facilities and continue to provide necessary funds for equipment and technology.

Please consider the nature of your estate.  Your obligations and provisions for your family and loved ones are important.

Please contact a legal professional to consider your options.  You need to ensure your will is properly drawn and your wishes are clearly implemented.

The following thoughful individuals provided a lasting legacy for their hospital and health care facilities.

Perhaps their reason for support was due to the quality of care which they or a family member received or that they simply wished to benefit future generations to ensure that same quality of care will continue.

HHHS Foundation sincerely appreciates the thoughtfulness of these individuals.

names of those donating dollars through estates


Life Insurance Policies  Life Insurance Policies


The gift of a life insurance policy can be tailored to suit your individual requirements and a life insurance agent can assist you with your decision.

The cash value or premium payments made by you will generate a tax receipt.

The gift of a life insurance policy can result in a very generous contribution to the HHHS Foundation that would otherwise not be possible.

The gift of an existing policy or a new policy is possible.

Publicly Traded Securities & Shares

Publicly Traded Securities & Shares

A gift of marketable securities or shares to the HHHS Foundation can give you not only a tax credit, but also save you tax on any gain in those securities or shares.

To gift securities or shares in the paper format you simply need to endorse the certificates and deliver to the HHHS Foundation.

To gift securities or shares held by you in your account, your financial institution or advisor can transfer them to the HHHS Foundation upon your instructions.

The HHHS Foundation can provide instructions for transferring your securities or shares electronically.

Please contact your financial advisor to ensure the transfer is done properly and to maximize your tax benefits.

Memorial Gifts

Memorial Gifts

With deepest sympathy and sincere condolences during this difficult time.

a gift has been made in the memory of: __________________________________ from:

Perhaps your family member or friend received good care at our facilities and they are no longer with us; a donation to HHHS Foundation in their memory will benefit the hospital and health care facilities for years to come.

The name of the deceased will be published in the "Book of Honour" located on the "Donors of Distinction Walls" in the main lobbies of our facilities.

HHHS Foundation will send a card notifying the family of your gift or you can send the card with a personal note.

Tribute Gifts

Tribute Gifts

Congratulations On Your Special Occasion

a gift has been made for the special occasion of: __________________________________ from:

Tribute Gifts are a wonderful way to make a donation to the HHHS Foundation in honour of a friend, family member or a Health Care Provider.

Celebrate Birthdays, Anniversaries, Weddings, Special Occasions or Good Deeds.

HHHS Foundation will send a card notifying the recipient of your gift or you can send the card with a personal note.