2018 - 2021

Strategic Plan


Our Vision is to be:

Leaders in innovative rural health care.


Our Mission is:

Haliburton Highlands Health Services, working with partners and accountable to our community, promotes wellness and provides access to essential, high quality health services, including:

          ·Primary Care

          ·Hospital (Acute Inpatient and Emergency Care)

          ·Long-Term Care

          ·End-of-Life Care

          ·Mental Health and Addictions Services

          ·Community Support Services.

This Mission represents our core responsibilities as an organization and is the focal point for how we will achieve our Vision.  As we move forward, the actions we take each and every day will be driven by our core Values.


Our Core Values are:



Our Mission is critical to making sure we remain focused on a common goal. Our Values and Vision will ensure we remain true to this. We identified Strategic Directions through our consultations with health system and community partners that provide an outline of how we intend to advance our Mission.


Select the link below to the HHHS Strategic Plan for 2018-2021, including details on how we define each of these Strategic Directions, the actions we will take, and what success will look like:

We take pride in being a pillar of the community and in the respect that the community holds for us.