HHHS Volunteer Services

Volunteering for the Haliburton Highlands Health Services (HHHS) is a fun and rewarding experience.   We have over 400 dedicated volunteers who generously contribute their time, talents and skills to deliver programs, participate in activities, and provide services and funding to our patients, residents and clients in Haliburton County. We greatly appreciate each and every one of our volunteers.

Volunteers are essential partners and play an important role in all levels of the organization.  We try to ensure that volunteers experience fulfilling volunteer work with all the challenges and experiences they are seeking.

There are numerous opportunities at HHHS to share your passion, your skills and your kind hearts. Let us help you find your perfect Volunteer Opportunities. pdf V0LUNTEER Brochure (199 KB)  

Our volunteers have found that contributing their time to HHHS has:

  • Taught them new skills
  • Given them great satisfaction by knowing they are helping people and building a stronger health care system for the Haliburton Highlands
  •  Let them meet new and interesting people in the community

"Being a Volunteer, notice I capitalized "V", is such a huge blessing to me. I feel that I should be thanking you instead of you thanking me. I reap so much more than I give. Volunteering keeps me involved in the community, I feel I am contributing, and of course I meet some wonderful people. When I first moved up to the north land 4 years ago I needed to connect with my surroundings and those who lived there....so volunteering was the very thing.  It not only allowed me to meet people in the community, learn about the community but also learn about the lay of the land & the roads."        Aileen Glinski, Volunteer Driver, Reception Volunteer

Screening – What's Involved

All volunteers are carefully screened to determine their effective placement and to ensure the safety of our clientele.

  • Interview with the Volunteer Services Coordinator
  • Police Reference Check (including Vulnerable Sector Screening if required)
  • 2 References
  • Driver’s Abstract & Driver Evaluation (if driving)

"All newcomers who wish to volunteer must be screened before being accepted. This process, although somewhat involved, is for the benefit of the clients, whose interests and well-being always come first.  As volunteers, we are more than willing to undertake this bit of inconvenience if it gives the clients and their families some piece of mind knowing that the stranger coming to their door is a competent and trustworthy individual."         Ruth and Doug Mitchell, Volunteers


  • After the screening process is complete, potential volunteers receive an invitation to an "Initial Orientation/Training Session."
  • Ongoing training and ongoing support will make the volunteer experience as fulfilling as possible.

Some of our ongoing training sessions include:

  • First Aid/CPR Training
  • Listening Skills
  • Driving Skills
  • Helping People with Wheelchairs and Assistive Devices
  • Non Judgemental Interaction & Confidentiality
  • Working with Visually Impaired Individuals
  • Good Grief 
  • Elder Abuse: How to Recognize, Respond & Report
  • Mental Health Awareness
  • Working with People with Dementia
  • & Various Life Enhancing Workshops

"I feel the seminars you offer to us are wonderful. There is always room to keep learning."          Kim Antoni, Volunteer

"As a new volunteer I am very impressed with the quality of training that is provided during the orientation process.  I am also surprised by the effort that is put into showing appreciation for volunteers."                   Margaret Despard, Reception Volunteer

Joining a Community of Volunteers

“As volunteers, we love what we do for our clients, patients and residents but we also enjoy being part of the HHHS Volunteer Community.”  M & B,  HHHS Volunteers

  • Volunteers newsletters, emails, cards
  • Workshops and other opportunities to learn
  • Social Gatherings and Events
  • Being recognized for our efforts
  • Being part of the HHHS team

Volunteer BBQ & Drum Circle                                                  

Volunteers being honoured at Ontario Volunteer Service Awards

Volunteer Opportunities   pdf Get Involved Brochure (199 KB)

We have a variety of volunteering opportunities and invite you to explore the possibilities. When you volunteer with HHHS you choose how much you can help and we will work with you to create a mutually beneficial arrangement.

"The staff at HHHS are very flexible and supportive of individual volunteer's holiday and work schedules. I'm sure this means more work for them but you always feel that whatever hours you can contribute are appreciated."        Barb Bohlin

Join our Team of Volunteers Making a Difference in Your Community

Volunteering at HHHS is a win/win!  As a volunteer you gain insight into who lives in your community other than just your circle of friends and family. You also gain knowledge of how important such an organization can be to your community.  Volunteering allows you to mee t people you would not have otherwise known. Often you will keep these people in your thoughts forever.  Volunteering provides a personal sense of purpose and fulfillment especially when a Client/Patient/Resident is so appreciative of the information or a service you have provided.  Sometimes volunteering includes assisting the Staff members of HHHS in-house and that can be fun, informative and also provide a sense of contribution to the cause. Volunteering at HHHS is a two-way street!”         Sue Norcross, HHHS Volunteer



How to Make it Happen

If you would like to become a volunteer please contact our office or fill out the volunteer sign-up form and we will connect with you. Together we can continue to make the Haliburton Highlands a great place to live and retire.  Call us at 705 457 1392 ext 2927.

"It’s not what you take from life that is important, it’s what you give to life that matters, and there is nothing more important or valuable than your time. Using that time to benefit others is rewarding, beneficial to others, and the end result is a win-win proposition for all concerned, creating a kinder, healthier society that benefits everyone. Tomorrow is another day, and it may be the day I will need someone to help me get through the day.  So by helping others now, we are helping to pave the way for our own future. HAPPY VOLUNTEERING, and thank you for being there for those in need!"        Frank Thom, Volunteer


"Volunteering is a great way of life! You get to help others in ways that just giving money cannot match. You can learn a lot about your community, history, family histories, and some of the pros and cons of living in small town Canada.  It also feels good to know you gave a senior a hand up at a time when they were in need.  Remember volunteering is not like work, you do things you enjoy for people who really appreciate it."       Don Geall, Volunteer Driver, Committee Member 

Explore some of the volunteer opportunities below.  (Click on the Links below for further information):

Adult Day Program Hospice
Diners' Club Transportation
Friendly Visiting Meals on Wheels
Home Help Security Checks
Home Maintenance Social Recreation



HHHS Board & Committees

We have several standing committees that operate on a regular, year-round basis.  Most committees are comprised of a mix of staff and volunteers from the community, who meet on a regular basis to give consideration to matters pertaining to our organization, plan upcoming initiatives, and provide recommendations and direction that are consistent with our mission and goals.

Board and Administration

The Board of Directors for the Haliburton Highlands Health Services consists of volunteers who meet regularly throughout the year.  Directors of the Board stand for election each year and usually fill a three-year term of office. As well as attending board meetings, Directors are expected to participate on Board Committees, including Finance Committee, Quality Committee, Medical Advisory Committee, Nominating Committee and ad hoc committees, as required.  Watch the local papers in the spring for announcements about the Annual General Meeting and information about standing for election for the Board of Directors.  Or for further information regarding the Board of Directors you may contact the CEO or the Board Chair.  Contact HHHS Administration.

Long-Term Care

For our Long-Term Care homes there are many opportunities in both Haliburton at Highland Wood and in Minden at Hyland Crest to share some of your time and talents to enhance the lives of those in Long-Term Care.

  • Visiting or Activities with residents
  • Entertainment for residents
  • Palliative Care Teams

There are committees consisting of family, and friends of residents, called Family Councils, who meet regularly at each home to provide support, share experiences and seek solutions in order to advocate on behalf of the residents. 

Minden and Haliburton Health Care Auxiliaries

Both auxiliaries are very active in the communities and greatly support the hospitals and long-term care.  Your assistance would be valuable for

  • Gift Shops
  • Fundraising and Special Events
  • Long-Term Care Visiting and Activities
  • Executive and Board Committees

I volunteer with HHHS because the hospitals and nursing homes are such an important part of our community, and they have certainly helped me and my family in time of need.  Also, volunteering for HHHS has allowed me to meet so many wonderful people - other volunteers, HHHS staff, and the residents at Hyland Crest.  Mickey Bonham, Minden Auxiliary

HHHS Foundation

The Haliburton Highlands Health Services Foundation is an incorporated registered Canadian charity that raises funds for the hospitals, long term care facilities and health care facilities in the Haliburton Highlands.  Since 1997, the HHHS Foundation has raised over $10 million through business, corporate, individual and organization donations, community events and projects, annual programs and special gifts.  They have funded priority medical equipment, capital building projects, furnishings and land acquisitions to ensure good health care now and in the future.  The Foundation is overseen by a volunteer Board of Directors (separate from the HHHS Corporation Board) and greatly appreciate volunteer assistance for their many fundraising events.  Volunteers are required for

  • Events Committee
  • Special Event Volunteer
  • Office and Administration 
  • HHHS Foundation Board of Directors

HHHS Community Support Services

HHHS Community Support Services benefit from volunteers on the Volunteer Committee, as well as the Community Advisory Committee who meet regularly to give consideration to matters pertaining to the organization, plan upcoming initiatives, and provide recommendations and direction to the HHHS Board of Directors that are consistent with the mission and goals of the organization.  Volunteers are also greatly appreciated to assist the programs listed below.  Examine the brochures for each program to find areas where you might offer your volunteer services:


Diners' Club

What's involved in being a Diners' Club volunteer?    pdf Download the Diners'Club brochure (411 KB)

"I never thought I could volunteer, but here I am nine years later and I am still on the job coordinating the Diners' Club in Minden.  What a need there is for seniors to socialize and to be able to talk to people other than family members and celebrate special events in their lives.  We have a wonderful time in our little Diners’ Club family.  I love my volunteer job and even though I had many adversities in my life, I found out I was still capable of volunteering my time, making people’s lives a little bit better… so come out and volunteer, you always have something to give, so give it."         Myrtle Bouthoorn, Diners' Club volunteer

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ERS Technician

What's involved in being an ERS volunteer?   pdf Download the ERS brochure (207 KB)

"Volunteering to install and service ERS (Emergency Response System) gives one a good feeling of being able to enrich another person’s life. Sometimes we volunteer our time or give money knowing that we help an undefined group of people, whereas installing an ERS unit or volunteering for another service at Community Care helps directly impact the life of a single person. What a great feeling to be able to allow a person to stay in their home longer. Consider volunteering at Community Care. A volunteer gets back as much as they give. Seniors in the Haliburton Highlands have a lot to offer. Come out and put a smile on someone’s face as well our your own."         Dave Mount, ERS Technician


Friendly Visiting

What's involved in being a Friendly Visiting volunteer?   pdf Download the FriendlyVisiting brochure (355 KB)

"I have found it really satisfying to be a friendly visitor to a senior. I recommend this, it isn't always easy but it is rewarding especially when your client g

reets you with "what did I do to deserve you" that make it worthwhile. Seniors also have interesting stories to share and it can be an enriching experience.”       Annette Richardson, Friendly Visiting Volunteer


Special Events

What's involved in being a Special Events volunteer?  

pdf Download the Special Events Brochure


Home Help Brokered Worker

What's involved in being a Home Help brokered worker?   pdf Download the Home Help brochure (284 KB)

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"I love it and the clients love my company, they just want a friendly face and visiting is what they need. Someone to come in they can rely on to do the job, someone they trust and care for.  I always get a hug and a big “thank you for what you do for us.”  They make you feel great even when you are having a bad day.  I thank God every day for doing what I do for others and for my health to do the job. I really enjoy working with the elderly. They make my day and hopefully I make theirs. Thank you."      Karen Draper, Home Help Brokered Worker


Home Maintenance Brokered Worker

What's involved in being a Home Maintenance brokered worker? pdf Download the Home Maintenance brochure

"Being a Home Maintenance Brokered Worker has introduced me to many people who have shared their life stories and history of the County that I could not have learned anywhere else in such a personal way."       Wally Reed, Home Maintenance Brokered Worler


Transportation Services and Meals on Wheels Delivery Drivers

What's involved in being a Meals on Wheels volunteer or a Transportation Driver?   pdf Download theTransportation brochure (313 KB)

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Reception/Office Support

What's involved in being a Reception volunteer?     pdf Download the Office Support/Reception brochure (330 KB)


"The minute I walk into Community Care Services to volunteer at the reception desk, I know I'm going to experience or learn something new and fun that day. It could be anything from learning something new on the computer to sharing a laugh with a client or a member of the friendly staff."

  Linda MacBurnie, Reception Volunteer



Security Checks

What's involved in being a security check volunteer?         pdf Download the Security Checks brochure (331 KB)

"I have been involved in security checks for more than two years and I love it, I call at least one person as assigned each day at a time convenient for the person(s) being called and have a wee visit. In all the years I have been calling I have only met my recipient once and that is when I called and was advised he was in the hospital. I went to the hospital and what a greeting I got when I introduced myself in person, he was so thrilled. We are now going to arrange to get together in the nice summer weather to have a coffee now and again.  This has been very rewarding for me as I have made a real friend and we enjoy a short but important visit each and every day, except weekends and holidays.  It is as good for me or better than it is for the person I am calling.  I have another good reason to get up every morning."      Dick Schell, Security Check Volunteer

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Social Recreation

What's involved in being a Social Recreation volunteer?      pdf Download the Social Recreation brochure (349 KB)

"Volunteering for Community Care's Wii Program on Tuesday mornings is a great kick start to the day for me and my seniors. The laughter we share playing games sets the mood for the balance of the day for all of us. My satisfaction comes in seeing their skills improve every week and the smiles on their faces. Definitely a "Win Win" situation!"          Margaret "Maggie" Harris, Wii Volunteer


Hospice and Palliative Care

What's involved in being a Hospice/Palliative Care Volunteer?   pdf Download the Hospice brochure (308 KB)

As a Hospice volunteer, the most important gift you bring is the gift of yourself, being there with the client to:

  • Listen to concerns, fears, feelings
  • Talk about the illness and about feelings of loss
  • Provide respite to caregivers
  • Provide practical support (letter writing, accompanying to medical appointments, etc.)

Do people say that you are:

  • Easy to talk to?
  • Caring?
  • Comfortable to be around?
  • Non-judgmental?
  • Positive?

"I feel that I am privileged to have the opportunity to share with my clients; they have taught me so much!”            Hospice Volunteer


Adult Day Program

Adult Day Program volunteers help us provide a structured, therapeutic and individualized day program for adults who are living at home - either alone or with family caregivers. Supervised activities assist participants in achieving and maintaining their maximum level of functioning, to prevent premature and inappropriate institutionalization and to provide respite and support for caregivers.  Activities include planned social, cognitive, recreational and physical activation, assistance with activities of daily living, a noon meal, health supervision and caregiver support.

The Adult Day Program operates four days a week from 8:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.

  • Monday, Thursday and Friday in Minden at the Hyland Crest auditorium
  • Wednesdays in Haliburton at the Haliburton United Church                                                                                                       Back To Top