About Family Councils

A Family Council is an organized, self-led, self-determining, democratic group composed of family and friends of the residents of long term care homes.

"Families working together to provide support, share experiences, and seek solutions to common problems. This is a Family Council."

All Family Councils provide mutual support, empowerment and advocacy to the family and friends of the residents of Long-Term Care Homes.  Although all Family Councils have this goal in common, each Council will be unique in meeting the needs of its members, the residents and the Home.

For Further Information, to understand how Family Councils were initaited, and details about Ontario Family Councils' Program, please go to Family Councils Ontario

Upcoming Events  - your participation is welcome:

  • Christmas Tree decorating
  • Entertaining
  • Card Games
  • Movie Matinee
  • One-on-one visiting
  • Reading for visually impaired
  • Day trips
  • Monthly Staff Appreciation

Contact Alisha LaFleur, Interim Life Enrichment Program Manager for more information, dates, & times at alafleur @ hhhs.ca or call her office at 705-457-1392 X 3238.

If you have questions or concerns regarding care or require help or information about your loved one's home, please contact the nursing staff at the main desk.
Highland Wood:  705-457-1392  Ext.#  2284 

Hyland Crest:   705-457-1392  Ext.#  3225 (2nd Floor/Upper Level Unit)                                   

                                 or                       Ext.# 3226 (1st Floor/Lower Level Unit)

In almost all cases the nursing staff will be able to help with questions or problems.  If you feel that more assistance is required, please follow this process:

  1. Registered Nurse on Duty
  2. Director of Care/Administrator for Highland Wood:  Michelle Douglas   mdouglas @ hhhs.ca
  3. Director or Care/Administrator for Hyland Crest: April De Carlo  adecarlo @ hhhs.ca
  4. President & CEO of HHHS, including Highland Wood and Hyland Crest:  Carolyn Plummer   cplummer @ hhhs.ca
  5. Ministry of Health & Long Term Care (obtain contact information through the Director of Care at your Home)

Hyland Crest and Highland Wood Family Councils

Hyland Crest and Highland Wood Family Councils support our residents to ensure that excellent care is provided to them on a daily basis, giving our loved ones the best quality of life possible.

Interested friends and family members are invited to join the Family Councils.  Meetings are held on a regular basis to investigate any issues that may arise and to find ways to help our residents have a better experience in their home and the best quality of life possible.  Hyland Crest Family Council meets monthly while Highland Wood Family Council meets quarterly throughout the year.

For more information about Hyland Crest and Highland Wood Family Councils, review the following:

To attend the next Family Council at your home, please contact Janine Burk, Life Enrichment Program Manager for specific dates, times and locations.  Look for the Family Council binder located in each Home, which provides past minutes and other pertinent information.

Caregiver Solutions Magazine offers articles and solutions for families regarding their loved ones in their later years.  Check out their website for more information about this great publication: Caregiver Solutions Magazine